Today, we're distributing 170,000 pounds of food to 88 partner food pantries in the metro area. The food, purchased with $150,000, contributed by the community through donations to 9Cares Colorado Shares, including contributions at King Soopers’ registers, will provide about 142,000 meals to hungry men, women and children in our community.

Items included tuna, beef ravioli, black beans, diced tomatoes, spaghetti sauce and spaghetti, chocolate pudding, corn flakes, chicken noodle soup, rice, beef stew, quick oats, granola bars, peanut butter and jelly.

We know how important this food is to our partner food pantries,  but rather than tell you, we had a chance to talk to Don Cadwallader, Driector of Fish of Westminster/WUMB.  His pantry serves many families in need and he was happy to say thank you!


Know a family needing help? They can visit our pantry locator, type in their zip code and find food assistance nearby.

facebook_1466541711948Who says you’re too young to make a difference? Certainly that’s not the case for students at Brighton United Methodist Church’s Vacation Bible School. VBS coordinator Deb Freidholm, shared with the students how the church participates in the Totes of Hope™ program for kids in need in the community and how it’s important to give back to families and friends who struggle with hunger.

The kids learned that even 25¢ could make a difference, since every quarter becomes a meal for someone who’s hungry. The students were sent home with empty milk cartons along with and a note to the parents, telling them about the Quarters for Kids Campaign.

“The group goal we set was $1200,” said LaVeta Lowrey, Outreach & Congregational Care Chairperson for the church. “Well... our kids are over achievers when it comes to such a great cause! We had a blessed VBS! And we gladly share our blessings with you, FBR!”

The Brighton United Methodist Church VBS raised enough money to provide not only the 4,800 meals set by their goal, but exceeded it by 1,752 meals,collecting enough to provide a whopping 6,552 meals for hungry men, women and children.

Thank you to the church and all the students and their families and friends for pitching in to help.  Summer can be a rough time for hungry families and your generosity will help make the summer a lot brighter for our friends in need.  We appreciate each and every one of you!

Sister Act

Sierra and Audrey

Not wanting to be outdone by little sister Audrey, featured in this post, 7 year old Sierra, along with her sister, held a "fabulous Spring Celebration", asking guests to bring food and fund donations to their party, even creating an invitation with Food Bank of the Rockies' logo.



The family stopped by the food bank for a tour and a chance for the sisters to see how the food bank would put their donations to good use, even giving them a quick glimpse of the big refrigerator on this warm spring day.

Thank you to Audrey and Sierra and their caring parents for working together to help FBR make sure no one goes hungry.  You inspire us and are great examples of how we can all make a difference for hungry families!

We Love it When Kids Give Back!

IMG_1343 Food Bank of the Rockies was delighted to be invited to the graduation ceremony at Patterson Elementary School in Jefferson County. The 3rd graders at Patterson learned about economics and giving back. They hosted a Teddy Bear Tea.  The kids made Teddy Bears in art class and had the option of allowing their Teddy Bears to be auctioned at the tea party.  They raised enough to provide 2,113 meals for the community. Wow!


Thanks to all the kids, parents and teachers for learning about  giving back.  Your efforts will make a big difference for hungry families this summer!

Teacher Ryan Livingston tells us about the school project.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Especially if you're a growing kid.  This spring, Safeway and Albertsons' Denver Division volunteered to help pack Totes of Hope® for students at Swansea Elementary to celebrate a very generous and important gift for hungry kids.  Most of the students at Swansea are on free and reduced lunch, living at or below the poverty level. These kids and many other food-insecure children across our service area will have extra breakfast food added to their totes this summer, thanks to the Albertsons Companies Foundation and the Entertainment Industry Foundation.  The generous $100,000 grant will provide breakfast foods in all the totes we distribute this summer!

Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible for hungry kids.  We appreciate you! And you can tell by the smiling faces, these little ones appreciate you too.


Sometimes Sibling Rivalry Leads to Good Things

Ah, sibling rivalry!  We love it when it leads to doing doubly good work for hungry families!

Carmen and Reese


Sometimes siblings can be a good influence on each other. And big sister Carmen was certainly that to her little sister, Reese. When Carmen decided to save some of her allowance to donate to the food bank, younger sister Reese didn't want to be left out, so she decided to help out too.  The sisters and their mom came to FBR to make their donations and take a tour. Thanks Carmen, Reese and mom for helping to make Colorado a better place for hungry families. We are so grateful you care!

If you're family would like to learn more about how kids can make a difference, please visit our Kung Food Fighters Kids Club for fun activities and ideas.


Garrett-Gives-BackKids like Garrett give us hope for the future.  For the past three years, Garrett has asked for food and fund donations on his birthday in lieu of gifts. Each year, his contribution grows almost as much as he does.  This year's drive collected enough food and funds to provide almost 3,000 meals!

Thank you Garrett for caring about others and taking the time and effort to help Food Bank of the Rockies.  You are an amazing young man and we look forward to seeing you again next year!

Garrett making his first donation in 2014. Has he grown!


Did you know Food Bank of the Rockies' Kung Food Fighters Kids Club is always looking for great stories on how kids are giving back?  Kids, families and teachers can also find resources, activities and idea sheets to help empower them to make a difference.  Check it out here.

When it snows and kids get the day off from school, it's usually cause for them to celebrate.

But not for all kids.

When Dakota's teacher told him there might be a blizzard and school could be cancelled, he replied with worry, "But how will we get our food?"

For Dakota and his family, receiving a weekly Totes of Hope® is important; missing school on distribution day is no holiday. It could mean going hungry at home.

FBR Totes of Hope® sites used to distribute on Fridays, but now distributions happen on different days at different sites, so there are more opportunities for the children to get their totes in the event of a snow day or school closure.

In this blizzard, many children are home enjoying a hot meal and a break from school. We hope every child in our community has enough to eat today. Programs like Totes of Hope® help ensure kids in food insecure families have needed nutrition.

Thank you for remembering those who might not have enough food and for supporting our programs. Every dollar provides four meals for hungry families like Dakota's. For the price of a fancy coffee, just think of all the meals you could share!


Wayne-Williams-Rick-EnstromYou've seen those Super Bowl bets where politicians of the losing team send local food and drink items to the winning team's politician. Sometimes they wear the winning team's jersey. Or decorate their office with the winning team's logos and colors.

In this bet, no matter who won the big game, local food banks were winners too. Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams and North Carolina Secretary of State Elaine Marshall decided to host food drives at their offices. Donations would be made to their local food banks in honor of the winning team. We're not only delighted for the donations, but also that they are made in honor of our very own winning Denver Broncos!

Thank you to both Secretary Williams and Secretary Marshall for making this thoughtful wager.  We appreciate your kindness and taking time to think about those less fortunate!

(Pictured above Rick Enstrom of Enstrom Candies and Secretary Williams dropping off the donation before the Super Bowl.)

Audrey Made Our Day!

Audrey - bestHow many five-year-old kids do you know who would rather feed hungry families than get showered with toys and other gifts on their birthday?  Well they do exist and we were lucky enough to meet one today!

Audrey had a birthday celebration and asked her family and friends to bring food instead of gifts. It was wonderful to see her smile when we told her she'd be feeding kids just like her who didn't have enough to eat. In fact, nearly one in four kids in our service area live in food insecure families.  Every gift, no matter how small, will bring hope to someone who's hungry.

She and her parents took a tour of our warehouse too.

Thank you to Audrey's mom and dad for taking time to nurture and teach your wonderful daughter about giving back. And thank you Audrey for being kind and for caring about others.  You truly made our day!