Government Programs

EverGreen Boxes™, SNAP, Food for Kids, The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP)

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Government Programs

Food Bank of the Rockies receives resources from the federal government to support community members experiencing hunger, including:  

  • EverGreen Boxes™, a program of Everyday Eats (also known as the Commodity Supplemental Food Program) 
  • Food for Kids (Child and Adult Care Food Program and Summer Food Service Program)  
  • The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP)


For information on the first three programs listed, please click on the links provided above to be redirected to their individual pages. 

The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) serves income-eligible adult individuals aged 18 and older. The program provides clients with a box of food each month containing such items as frozen or shelf-stable meat, fresh produce, liquid milk, eggs, cheese, canned soup, flours, plant-based oils, shelf-stable or frozen fruits and vegetables, dry beans, and juice. 

Eligible clients in Colorado are invited to visit Food Bank of the Rockies’ 127 TEFAP-enrolled Hunger Relief Partners to receive food boxes. Eligible clients in Wyoming are invited to visit Food Bank of Wyoming’s 36 TEFAP-enrolled Hunger Relief Partners to receive food boxes. 

125+ distribution locations across Colorado
36 distribution locations across Wyoming
20+ years = Food Bank of the Rockies has been a TEFAP partner
$399.7 million = Amount Congress appropriated for TEFAP
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TEFAP by the Numbers for Fiscal Year 2022


The food – especially the fresh fruit and vegetables and baby food – helps us so much. My oldest is 16 years old and is always hungry. My mom lives with us, too, and this makes it possible to have full meals together.”

Elvira – Mobile Pantry Client in Rifle, CO


“Getting food from here means that we don’t go hungry, and that other people don’t go hungryWe give what we can’t use to our neighbors who have kids that need it, as well as older adults in our community so that they don’t go hungry.”

Jeanette – Mobile Pantry Client in Denver, CO


Items are available free of cost for Colorado and Wyoming residents aged 18+ who meet the income eligibility requirements. See additional information here for Colorado residents and here for Wyoming residents.

The types of foods USDA purchases for TEFAP vary depending on the preferences of localities and on agricultural market conditions. Examples of products include: canned, frozen, dried, and fresh fruits and vegetables; eggs; meat; poultry; fish; nuts; milk; cheese; and whole-grain and enriched grain products including rice, cereal, and pasta. 

Please see the complete list here. 

Food Bank of the Rockies proudly offers nutritious TEFAP food items at 140+ community-based locations in Colorado and 37 locations in Wyoming 

To find food in your area, visit our Find Food locator at 

Yes! Clients who qualify for other programs such as EverGreen Boxes™ or SNAP can still receive food items through TEFAP. 

In fact, TEFAP households may be eligible for other USDA Food and Nutrition Service programs, including:

TEFAP is administered at the federal level by the Food and Nutrition Service (FNS), an agency of the USDA. USDA foods are delivered to food banks and community partners across the nation for distribution to clients. Congress allots funding for the food items and service. 

Yes. Food Bank of the Rockies has a proxy system that allows a client to have someone pick up food on their behalf. Fill out the forms below and have both individuals sign. The form will be active for one year from signing. 

English form

El documento en Español

In Wyoming, please designate your proxy on the EverGreen Box™ application form. 

Please find more information about TEFAP here.


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