Food Rescue

Grocery store worker standing in front of a display of oranges.

Food Rescue

Need has no timeline, which is why Food Bank of the Rockies proudly supports the Food Rescue program. We work with our Hunger Relief Partners and retail partners to accomplish our combined goals of reducing food waste and providing people with nutrient-rich food items.

800+ Food Rescue donor partners
Over 38.5 million pounds of food rescued in Fiscal Year 2022
7 dedicated Food Rescue drivers
108 billion pounds of quality food is discarded in the U.S. annually
31% of total product rescued in Fiscal Year 2022 was fresh produce
In Fiscal Year 2022, Food Bank of the Rockies ranked 7th among Feeding America food banks for pounds rescued from retail stores
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Food Rescue by the Numbers

Nutritious food rescued from hundreds of partners is made available free of cost for Colorado and Wyoming residents through our 800+ Hunger Relief Partners.  

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Adam Burnison has been a food rescue driver with Food Bank of the Rockies for over five years. He says the best part of his job is getting quality food into the hands of people who need it. “The food has an immediate impact on the people who come pick it up. Food rescue keeps all of this food out of the trash and puts it in the hands of people who can use it.” 

Adam Burnison – Food Rescue Driver


Food Bank of the Rockies carefully vets interested Hunger Relief Partners to ensure distribution needs are matched with the donation volume we receive from our retail partners. This ensures that the individuals who ultimately get these nutritious food items are provided with the best options for themselves and their families.  

The amounts and kinds of products available vary daily, but can include meat, fresh produce, bakery items, deli items, dairy, frozen foods, shelf-stable groceries, and non-food items such as hand sanitizer, paper products, etc. 

Retail partners can participate with food donations, direct funding donations, and corporate donations. Retail establishments interested in participating in the Food Rescue program should contact Dru Gaines, Retail Sourcing Program Supervisor, at 303-375-5846 or

Food Bank of the Rockies funds the Food Rescue program directly through donations and applicable grants. 

Please find more information about the Food Rescue program here. 

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