Food Rescue

Food Rescue

Need has no timeline, which is why Food Bank of the Rockies proudly supports the Food Rescue Program. The Food Rescue Program brings together a vast network of retail and non-retail partners, food distributors and manufacturers, and Hunger Relief Partners like food pantries and community kitchens to accomplish our combined goals of reducing food waste and providing people with high-quality, nutrient-rich surplus food. 

The process works in a couple of ways. One way is for our Hunger Relief Partners to pick up surplus food directly from retail locations like King Soopers or Walmart stores. Another way is via food donations captured from partners across the food supply chain. These donations are either trucked to our distribution center or picked up by one of our Food Rescue Program drivers. Once received, items are sorted by volunteers, itemized, and uploaded to our food-ordering system for Hunger Relief Partners to order. 

Included in our Food Rescue network are over 800 retail locations for chains like King Soopers, Walmart, Target, Sprouts, and Starbucks. Additionally, we work with a myriad of other food businesses like major distributors Shamrock, Amazon, KeHE, and US Foods; farms and ranches; local manufacturers such as Mountain View Foods and Pepperidge Farm; and many more sustainability-minded companies.

Thanks to this web of donation partners and Hunger Relief Partners, we are able to turn nutritious surplus food into meals for our neighbors experiencing food insecurity — a true example of our mission at work: igniting the power of community to nourish our community. 

880+ Food Rescue donor partners
Over 47 million pounds of surplus food rescued
7 dedicated Food Rescue drivers
108 billion pounds of high-quality surplus food is discarded in the U.S. annually
25% of rescued food is fresh produce
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Food Rescue by the Numbers in Fiscal Year 2023

Nutritious surplus food rescued from hundreds of partners is made available free of cost for Colorado and Wyoming residents through our 800+ Hunger Relief Partners and 70+ mobile pantries.


Volunteers play a crucial role in helping to sort and repackage items brought to Food Bank of the Rockies through the Food Rescue Program. In fiscal year 2023, the program saved more than 47 million pounds of quality food from being discarded.


Food Bank of the Rockies carefully vets interested Hunger Relief Partners to ensure distribution needs are matched with the donation volume we receive from our retail partners. This ensures that the individuals who ultimately get these nutritious food items are provided with the best options for themselves and their families.  

The amounts and kinds of products available vary daily, but can include meat, fresh produce, bakery items, deli items, dairy, frozen foods, shelf-stable groceries, and non-food items such as hand sanitizer, paper products, etc. 

Retail partners can participate with food donations, direct funding donations, and corporate donations. Retail establishments interested in participating in the Food Rescue Program should contact Food Sourcing Director Mark Weslar at or 720-885-8424. 

Food Bank of the Rockies funds the Food Rescue program directly through donations and applicable grants. 

Please find more information about the Food Rescue Program here. 

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