Mobile Pantries

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Mobile Pantries

Need isn’t always conveniently located, which is why Food Bank of the Rockies deploys more than 70 Mobile Pantries to bring food directly to communities where it is needed most. Serving urban and rural neighborhoods throughout Colorado and Wyoming, Mobile Pantries operate free of cost to partners and clients and provide more than 657,000 meals every month.

12 lb of food = 10 meals
70+ sites across Colorado and Wyoming
Completely free to partners and clients
515,670 meals served monthly in Colorado
141,768 meals served monthly in Wyoming
657,438 total meals served monthly
$5 = 20 meals

Mobile Pantries by the Numbers

Mobile Pantries host more than 70 monthly distributions at 70-plus unique sites across our service areas in Colorado and Wyoming. Funded through grants, Mobile Pantries are completely free to Hunger Relief Partners and clients.

Everybody goes through hard times, and thank Jesus that there are organizations like this that are looking out for our community and giving to us. This is a blessing.

Brehida R – Mobile Pantry Client in Brush, CO

This helps because I receive food stamps, but it’s not enough for the whole month. Also, my husband just lost his job, so I need this food for my family.

Charlene – Mobile Pantry Client in Denver, CO


To find food in your location, visit our Find Food locator at

Mobile Pantries function on corporate donations, sponsorships, one-time gifts, and internal funding.

A typical Mobile Pantry will distribute about 13,000 pounds of food, consisting of 8-15 items including refrigerated and frozen product, protein, canned goods, fresh produce and dairy.

Visit our volunteer sign-up page, and read our blog post on the experience of volunteering at a Mobile Pantries. Our pantries operate on the power of our dedicated, hard-working volunteers, and would be thrilled to have you join our team.

We identify pockets of need, where transportation is an issue for clients, in our service areas.

In an effort to tackle the obstacle of transportation as it relates to hunger, the Mobile Pantry Program is essential to providing communities with direct distribution, as opposed to asking clients to travel long distances to receive the food they need.

We strive to reach all pockets of need in our service areas; to see if there’s a Mobile Pantry site near you, visit our Find Food locator. If there is not a Mobile Pantry in your area, our pantry locator will also show all other food resources in your community.

A food desert is defined as “an urban area in which it is difficult to buy affordable or good-quality fresh food.” Broadly, food deserts are areas or regions where limited access to affordable, nutritious food contributes to cyclical poverty.

Anyone! We serve any family or individual who needs food assistance.

No. The only time you are required to show proof of income is if you would like to qualify for our TEFAP product. Otherwise, the Mobile Pantry intake process involves answering a number of questions, but you may opt out of any questions you feel uncomfortable answering.

Yes! We have a proxy system that allows a client to have someone pick up food on their behalf. Just fill out the forms below, and have both individuals sign. The form will be active for one year from signing.

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