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Erin Pulling

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There has never been such a thing as a “normal year” in the world of food banking, but the challenges presented to us recently have been nothing short of extraordinary. Remember when the price of eggs spiked to $5, $6, even $7 a dozen from their usual average of a little over $1? Keep in mind what that did to your grocery bills, then think about the thousands of dozens of eggs Food Bank of the Rockies purchases to provide to our clients. Eggs, produce, milk, protein, grains, canned vegetables: All of these increased in price, causing our monthly food-purchasing costs to soar.

Another huge factor in this budget bump was the increase in need we are seeing. Year over year, the number of people seeking food from our mobile pantries has increased by an average of 50%. Many of our Hunger Relief Partners are seeing a 100-200% increase (or more!) in the number of people seeking food assistance.

To meet this historic need, we have innovated, grown, and adapted. We opened the Western Slope Etkin Family Distribution Center in Grand Junction last winter, tremendously increasing our capacity to serve the Western Slope. We continue to diversify the foods we offer thanks to our Culturally Responsive Team’s efforts. And we are constantly asking our partners about areas in which we can improve, then doing the work to make those improvements.

We marked our 45th anniversary in 2023 — a milestone that is both significant as well as telling. Food insecurity is not a new problem, nor is it a problem that will be resolved anytime soon. But as we continue to adapt to meet the needs of our neighbors and bolster the work being done to address the root causes of hunger, we take steps toward a more equitable future. Thank you for joining us on this journey.

Nick Benham​
Immediate Past Board Chair

Christina Bowen​
Current Board Chair

Erin Pulling
President & CEO

Individuals Served in Fiscal Year 2023


21% of people served were children

Sourcing Locally to
Support Neighbors

Odessa Oldham has been involved in the worlds of ranching and agriculture from a young age. As the food sourcing manager for Food Bank of Wyoming, the Casper-based distribution center of Food Bank of the Rockies, Odessa uses her connections across the state to source more protein and produce from local growers and distribute it to Wyomingites experiencing hunger.

“I want to have a system in place that is collaborative with all the different food systems across Wyoming, where we can work together as a state to support each other and support our neighbors,” she said.

Odessa standing in grassy field with line of horses in the background.

Pounds of Food Distributed & Equivalent Meals

Pounds of Food Distributed
& Equivalent Meals


Ensuring Nourishment
for Years to Come

For Justin Ball and Eric Deffenbaugh, choosing to include Food Bank of the Rockies in their estate plan was rooted in several things.

“Food is something more basic even than a human right,” shared Justin. Added Eric: “The impact we can have in supporting the Food Bank feels like a multiplier. The quantity and quality of food that’s getting to people is really impressive.”

Overall, Justin and Eric wanted to ensure their legacy continues to invest in the things they value after they’re gone, which is why they give through their estate plan as Heirloom Circle members.


Our fiscal year 2023 audited financial reports will be available online in early 2024. To access financial reports from recent years and our upcoming FY23 report, please visit:

Giving Back to Pay it Forward

Raising her kids has always been Elizabeth’s top priority, and she dedicates her time to being a caretaker while her husband works in construction. With all of their income going to pay the bills, having enough money for food has been challenging.

“It’s hard,” Elizabeth said. “Inflation is affecting us a lot. The price of rent and food and everything has gone way up.”

To help support their family, Elizabeth gets food from and volunteers with Denver Green School’s food pantry, a Hunger Relief Partner of Food Bank of the Rockies. There, she and other community members have access to the nourishing, culturally familiar food they need to thrive.


Food Bank of the Rockies relies on the experience and dedication of so many people.
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Looking Ahead

We are looking ahead to the next several years with one goal in mind: Ensuring all of our neighbors have enough nutritious and familiar food to thrive. Achieving that goal will require persistent innovation in our programming and strategic operations, especially as we anticipate a continued increase in need in the communities we serve.

Food insecurity exists in every community, from the poorest neighborhoods to the most affluent. The good news is that we can answer the challenge of hunger together. Thanks to your dedicated support, we can continue looking ahead with hope, perseverance, and strength.

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