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Hunger is on the rise across Colorado.

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Vance’s family knew hunger. Now he’s making a difference for hungry families.

Vance made a contribution in honor of his mother during our Mix 100 Marathon.  We are so grateful not only for his contribution, but also for the touching story he shared with us.  We think it illustrates the spirit of giving and wanted to share Vance’s story with all our supporters!



I made this donation in honor of my mother on the occasion of her 83rd birthday. She is now living with my sister and my brother-in-law, so she doesn’t need a lot of presents and I felt this donation would be a much more appropriate celebration of her birthday.  

I remember when I was about 4 years old. My father was a taxi driver and he almost always took his daily earnings and went to bars and drank or gambled the money away. On one particular evening, my mother sent us to bed (after eating only bread) while she herself went without eating because there was no food and she didn’t have any money to buy groceries. Later that evening, another taxi driver came to the house, woke us (the children) and drove all of us to Safeway. He told my mother he knew my dad had lost all of his money for several days and this kind man correctly suspected we were not being taken care of at home. 

So…he bought us all steaks and potatoes and salad and dessert!!! 

Amazing guy, amazing feeling, and an incredible lesson for me about taking care of others in need. I have tried to live by that feeling and to create that feeling for others who might be less fortunate than I am. 

I now live in Switzerland and have an excellent life. Technology is so great, I can listen to Mix 100 and the annual marathon, even while residing in Switzerland.  I am thrilled with the work Dom Testa does in getting people excited about Food Bank of the Rockies.

It would be fantastic if you could send an “acknowledgement” to my mother to let her know about the donation in her name. My mother doesn’t listen to Mix 100 so she wouldn’t know about how my memories of her going without dinner herself have now turned into so much good and 4,000 meals!



Thank you Vance! What a wonderful gift and tribute to you mother. No doubt she’s very proud of the kind person she raised. We’re delighted to hear you now have an excellent life and are able to help others. Because of you, families struggling with hunger will also have a chance for a brighter holidays and a better future!


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