Raising Grandkids through a Difficult Time – Andy’s Story


Andy, 68, a retired Marine, lives with his wife, daughter and his grandchildren. They’re helping their daughter and her two children, ages 7 and 9, get through a difficult time. They struggle to put food on the table and Andy is grateful for the help he receives from Food Bank of the Rockies’ mobile pantry.

Andy not only picks up food for his family, he also brings some of the food back to others who live in his apartment complex. He tells us rent was recently raised, and many of his neighbors are homebound and on low, fixed retirement incomes, struggling to get by. His wife works and his daughter just got a new job, but neither makes enough to cover all the expenses for this family of five.

Andy refuses his military disability, even though he struggles to get around. He tells us too many Marines came home without arms and legs. He still has his, so he doesn’t feel right about being labeled disabled. He does get social security and wishes he could continue to work, but he struggles with health issues. His family doesn’t have cable or Internet and he owns a pay-as-you-go cell phone for emergencies. Andy loves to cook and worked as a chef in his younger days. He’s excited to see the potatoes and tells us that when the pantry has rice, potatoes and onions, that’s the base of a great dish.

He thanks our team for all Food Bank of the Rockies and our donors do to help families like his. “This food helps people more than you know,” he says.

Food Bank of the Rockies depends on generous gifts from individuals, corporations, foundations and organizations to ensure we have nourishing food for families like Lyndie’s.  You can donate to our programs here.

We also rely on grocery retailers and food manufacturer to help us fill our racks. Walmart is Food Bank of the Rockies’ largest food donor and they’re stepping up to give their shoppers a chance to help too. Now through May 20, 2019, you can help us Fight Hunger and Spark Change with Walmart stores across our service area.  Make a donation at the register or purchase select products to make an even bigger impact. Learn more here or visit your local Walmart to make a difference!


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