Providing Neighbors Culturally Responsive Foods and Choice

Raising her three kids has always been Elizabeth’s top priority. With one in college and two still at home, Elizabeth dedicates her time to educating and caring for her kids while her husband works in construction, a job that can be unpredictable due to dependency on materials being available and weather conditions. With all of their income going to pay the bills, having enough money for food has been challenging for Elizabeth’s family. Things got particularly difficult during the pandemic.

To help support their family, Elizabeth gets food each week from Denver Green School’s food pantry, a Hunger Relief Partner of Food Bank of the Rockies. She is also a dedicated volunteer at the pantry. There, Elizabeth is able to is able to choose from a wide variety of foods that are nourishing, culturally familiar, and comforting. Having access to this food has been a huge help and blessing for Elizabeth and her family.

Watch the video above for Elizabeth’s story.


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