Even in Affluent Suburbs, There’s a Need for Food Assistance

We met Lyndie at our mobile pantry in the suburbs south of Denver on a sunny April day. The area is considered a more affluent section of the city.  Lyndie never expected she’d be in line to receive food. Her story shows us that hunger could happen in any community and isn’t always what most people picture.

Lyndie and her boyfriend are raising her six-year-old twins and his two children, 7 & 11. Recently Lyndie was laid off from her job as a Vice President for a division of a software company. Her boyfriend works as an Operations Director for a retail store, but his income doesn’t cover all the family’s expenses. Insurance, mortgage and utility bills still need to be paid, and their family of six worried how they would pay for everything, including food for four growing children.

This was Lyndie’s second visit to Food Bank of the Rockies’ mobile pantry. She was excited to see all the fresh fruit and vegetables, frozen chicken and other items to help her feed her family. “The kids eat a lot and I love that you have salad and fresh, healthy foods,” she tells us.

She was willing to share her story to help people understand that hunger exists where you might not expect it. “I never imagined I’d need to go to a food pantry,” she shares. “Life can bring unexpected turns. I’m so grateful this pantry is here.”

Lyndie excitedly expressed that she was heading home to get ready for a job interview, and hopes her family will be back on their feet soon. In the meantime, the pantry gives the family nourishment and peace of mind during a difficult time.

Food Bank of the Rockies depends on generous gifts from individuals, corporations, foundations and organizations to ensure we have nourishing food for families like Lyndie’s.  You can donate to our programs here.

We also rely on grocery retailers and food manufacturer to help us fill our racks. Walmart is Food Bank of the Rockies’ largest food donor and they’re stepping up to give their shoppers a chance to help too. Now through May 20, 2019, you can help us Fight Hunger and Spark Change with Walmart stores across our service area.  Make a donation at the register or purchase select products to make an even bigger impact. Learn more here or visit your local Walmart to make a difference!




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