Hunger isn’t Always Visible

We met Mark volunteering with his company at our warehouse. Looking at this tall, athletic and successful business man, you’d never guess he was hungry throughout his entire childhood.

People always ask him why he didn’t play sports as a kid. He tells us he couldn’t sustain physical activity due to lack of nutrition.

“I can remember getting to school in the morning, trying to focus on the classroom work- trying to focus on what my teacher was telling me. I know I acted out at times. I know I rebelled at times, when in reality, all I was thinking about was ‘where do I get my next meal?'” He remembers being afraid for weekends, spring break and summers because there were too many times when he didn’t eat.

Mark doesn’t look back with regrets. “My life now is fantastic. It’s all turned out the way it should have been. But it’s because people opened the doors for me,” he shares.

1 in 6 Colorado kids are experiencing the fear Mark felt. Because you care, they have hope. Your kindness opens doors to better futures for these children. Food is a must to eat to grow, learn and become successful adults. As Mark says, “Food is a requirement for life.”

Thank you Mark for sharing your story. And thank you to everyone who gives funds, food and time to help us ensure these children have a brighter future. Together, we can solve hunger. Watch Mark’s story on our YouTube channel.



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