Dolerez, Naomi & Max

Dolerez came to the United States 26 years ago in hopes of providing a better life for her 5 children. And that she did. One child is currently in law school and one is in the midst of obtaining a degree in social work. Between her 5 children, Dolorez has 8 grandchildren who spend time with her while their parents work and go to school. She volunteers weekly at a local food pantry and offers transportation to neighbors in need. Dolorez understands what it’s like to rely on others for daily needs. She too uses the local food pantry in order to feed herself and her family. “I can’t afford fresh vegetables and fruits, so I’m so grateful to get them through my weekly food box. Says granddaughter Naomi as her brother Max runs around carrying a loaf of bread , “If somebody falls down, we need to pick them up.”


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