For 10 years, Curtis worked as a Senior Program Analyst for the Denver Newspaper Agency. He made a good living and spent much of his free time volunteering with the company’s ACTS Volunteer Program. For the past 2 years, Curtis has spent all his vacation days volunteering at FBR.

In October of last year Curtis was laid off. In a matter of minutes he was without income. After a couple months of unsuccessfully looking for work he called Olive at FBR and asked if he could volunteer at FBR. Curtis shows up at FBR every single morning around 8:30am, leaves mid afternoon and spends the rest of his days looking for work. “Volunteering here is how I get through my days. I was getting really depressed sitting at home looking for work and wondering what I was going to do.” Curtis may not be working for a pay check right now, but he’s definitely working to make a difference for countless people who are struggling to make ends meet.


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