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3 Sisters

World hunger is a global problem and one usually associated with Third World countries. But what happens when you receive an email that asks you to seek out and share the stories of people in your community that are struggling with hunger? You start out on a journey that leads you to the most unexpected place – a story to share with others about your own family’s struggle with hunger.

Go back one year to find out that your cousin’s husband lost his job. Your mind automatically goes to the most visible issues – losing the house, losing the car, losing the identity and dignity of being the breadwinner of the family. Never once, from the outsider’s perspective, does the mind go to the issue of how to support a family of 5 on nothing. Without such places as Food Bank of the Rockies, or the Douglas County Task Force, I’m not sure what my cousin would have done.
My cousin graciously allowed me to share her story with an amazing degree of candor and humor. Even in the face of adversity, a simple afternoon at the park brings forth her children’s innocence and sheer happiness.
Photographer: Katie Lienert (Top photo is the winner of the amateur category for the Faces of Hunger Photo Contest).


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