When Mayra was only eight weeks pregnant, her husband was tragically killed in an accident. Suddenly, she became a single mother with three young mouths to feed and another on the way.

Mayra and the girls moved in with her parents who help tremendously. They’re retired and living on low fixed incomes so money is tight.  Mayra remains strong and shares how she’s getting back on her feet working at a nearby high school. The work is great, but Mayra doesn’t make enough to cover all the family’s basic living expenses. Because of Food Bank of the Rockies’ Totes of Hope® program, Mayra knows she’ll have nutritious food for her daughters over the weekend.

 “I’m very appreciative of the time and money and everything people do to make this program possible. It’s really helped me and my girls a lot. Thank you for everything!” she shares.

With your generous gifts, Food Bank of the Rockies and our partners can provide food for families struggling to make ends meet across our service area. Nearly half of the food we distribute will feed children. Food is a must for children to learn and grow.

Your kindness fills the plates and the hearts of families like Mayra’s. Thank you for choosing to give to Food Bank of the Rockies this holiday season.  Your acts of kindness matter deeply to us and to the hungry families we nourish.

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“No one has ever become poor by giving.”
~Anne Frank

In this holiday newsletter, we share stories from families who face unthinkable challenges – how to feed the people they love when there is no money to buy food. Imagine the feeling of despair these mothers and fathers felt, not knowing how they’d be able to provide a healthy meal for their children. Thanks to your kindness, they were able to turn despair into hope.

Our work all year is important and hunger knows no season. Holidays are especially hard, but even harder are the cold winter weeks that follow. The holidays end, but the hunger remains. Because you care, Food Bank of the Rockies provides more than 145,000 meals a day, all year long, to families facing difficult times. We’re so grateful for your support!

We all desire a community without hunger – where children, seniors and the families who care for them never have to worry where they’ll find their next meal. Together, we can work toward solving hunger. I wish you a joyful holiday season and a prosperous and peaceful 2019.

Thank you for helping us feed hope.

$1 helps provide 4 Meals for our neighbors in need.

Jamie served 10 year in the U.S. Navy – six spent at sea. He held various positions, including working as a jet mechanic. After an honorable discharge, he found work in an auto shop, and later as a correctional officer for more than 10 years. Jamie always worked hard to provide for his wife and daughters.

When he was laid off, Jamie did what he could to find work again. He worked a minimum wage job as a security officer. But it wasn’t enough money to get by. The family eventually lost everything.

“It took a lot for me to ask for help. In the military, they train us to stand on our own no matter what. You have to depend on yourself to survive – failure is not an option,” Jamie shares. “ But at one point I realized asking for help was the best option to help our family get back on our feet.”

A local pantry not only provided food for the family, they also helped Jamie emotionally by giving him hope things would get better.

Jamie found higher paying work and is studying for additional security certification. “Once I get that, even more opportunities will open up. I feel confident we’ll be okay,” Jamie says. “It’s been a tough road, but when you’re at rock bottom the only place to go is up – sometimes it just takes a helping hand to get there.”

If you or someone you know is in need of food, reach out to Food Bank of the Rockies. Our zip code locator at FoodBankRockies.org makes finding help quick and easy. And our main line, 303-371-9250, is available Monday – Friday for those who prefer to call for locations and resources.
Thank you for changing lives with your generous support! We’re thankful for you this holiday season and all year long.

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Creative parenting and great kids are always inspiring

Didrik, a thoughtful 16 year old, lives in Sweden with his mom for most of the year. He spent six weeks visiting his dad, Fred during his school break, and wanted to earn some money during his stay. Fred searched in advance for opportunities and couldn’t find any organizations willing to hire a teenager for such a short term. That’s when Fred got creative and we’re so glad he did!

“Well, what can I do here?” Fred says. He made Didrik a proposal.

Fred offered to pay Didrik for volunteering at the warehouse, as long as Didrik came in on a regular schedule and contributed 10% of what he made back to the food bank at the end of his stay. This win-win-win situation gave Didrik a chance to learn about working with diverse people in a warehouse setting.

His donation will help FBR provide 700 meals for hungry families. And the hours he contributed to help us in our warehouse are priceless.

“I would definitely recommend this as a great work experience,” Didrik tells us. “You learn a lot and learn how to work with people. This was an awesome work experience for me.”

Thank you Didrik and Fred for coming up with this creative opportunity. We’re inspired by your terrific idea and hope other families will be inspired too!

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