DeAdra would do anything for her 3-year-old son, Dacian, including going hungry. “I put my son first above everything else,” she says. She moved out of her hometown to get away from a difficult situation and give Dacian a better childhood.

What was supposed to be a fresh start for them turned into an unexpected crisis. After DeAdra moved, she noticed Dacian wasn’t acting like other kids his age. She took him to the doctor and learned Dacian had autism. “It’s changed my life entirely,” she said. “Dacian is my full-time job now.”

DeAdra had planned to find work after moving. However, because of Dacian’s diagnosis and no budget for specialized daycare, she could not work and had to stay home and take care of him. With no income, DeAdra turned to a local food pantry to help feed her and her son.

“Before finding the pantry, I’d spent many nights going to sleep with an empty stomach, making sure he had all the food in the house,” she recalls. “I don’t know what we’d have done without the food from the pantry.”

The program provides nutritious food for Dacian, and DeAdra says it’s actually helped Dacian improve socially and with his speech. Soon, DeAdra hopes to enroll Dacian in a public preschool for kids with similar developmental issues. Once that happens, she can find a job. In the meantime, despite all the challenges she’s had to overcome, DeAdra wouldn’t change anything.

“Dacian has been my strength. The two of us, we’re a great team.”

More than 600 partner agencies help families like DeAdra’s and depend on Food Bank of the Rockies for some or all of the food they distribute. Thank you for giving these families hope.

Help us feed children.

I am thrilled and humbled to work alongside Food Bank of the Rockies’ outstanding team of staff, board members, agency partners, donors, and volunteers as the organization’s CEO. I believe access to food and nutrition should be a basic human right. I am looking forward to learning from you as we tackle the complex issues around hunger and food insecurity in Colorado and Wyoming and am excited to partner with the board, staff, and community to set the course for Food Bank of the Rockies’ future.

Recently, we commemorated our 40th year of serving our community. Food Bank of the Rockies started from humble beginnings when volunteers picked up bread from local groceries to distribute to neighbors in need. Our mission to provide food for our community hasn’t changed, but our reach certainly has. Thanks to our collaborative model of partnering with food pantries in Colorado and Wyoming, Food Bank of the Rockies distributes more than the equivalent of 145,000 meals each day through our programs and partner agencies. We have 36 vehicles on the road, picking up and distributing food across 30 Colorado counties and the entire state of Wyoming. Our four warehouses hold in excess of 10 million pounds of food. More than 600 partner organizations depend on Food Bank of the Rockies for some or all of the food they need to provide hunger relief to their local communities. Our organization has grown year after year, feeding more families than ever. Together, we are making a difference.

As we look to Food Bank of the Rockies’ future and the next 40 years, one thing is for sure; as long as there are hungry people in our community, Food Bank of the Rockies will do everything we can to makes sure they have enough food to eat.

Generous donations of food from agricultural, wholesale and retail partners help keep our racks full.
Financial gifts from individuals, corporations, community groups and foundations help keep our lights on, our refrigerators and our freezers cold, and our trucks on the road. Volunteers are critical for helping us prepare and distribute food. And our partner agencies help us feed families in need throughout our region.

It takes a caring and generous community to ensure hunger has a solution. We’re grateful for every gift of food, funds and time. As we continue finding the best and most efficient ways to ensure families have the food they need to thrive, we’re thankful for your support, both now and in the future.

Together, we can solve hunger.

Erin Pulling
CEO Food Bank of the Rockies

$1 helps provide 4 Meals for our neighbors in need.

In the small Colorado town of Yuma, a long line of men, women and children work their way into the fairgrounds to receive food from Food Bank of the Rockies’ mobile pantry. Mothers with babies in their arms wait patiently next to older adults, some in wheelchairs or using canes for mobility. The ages, ethnicities and situations differ among those in the line, but one thing unites them all – the struggle to pay for groceries, and the fear of not having enough food to meet their basic needs.

Imelda didn’t want her picture taken, but she did want to express her gratitude. “I hope this program continues. I can’t afford grocery shopping and many times don’t have anything to eat,” this grandmother of six told us. “My son is working, but many times we just don’t have enough money.” Imelda expressed appreciation for the mobile pantry and the variety of items provided. “Without it, I’d go hungry,” she shared.

Alma, pictured above, lost her husband in 2011. At 77, she struggles with diabetes, COPD and mobility issues after knee, shoulder and hip replacements. Medical bills used up the small savings she had. She can no longer drive, so her son brings her to the mobile pantry. “Health issues cost a lot and every little bit helps. I appreciate it,” she said.
Elizabeth volunteers at the pantry and told us her family is getting back on their feet. She, her husband, and their five young boys moved to Denver, hoping for better opportunities, but it didn’t work out and the family faced homelessness. They moved back to Yuma where extended family and friends are helping them. “Sometimes things just happen – not because of drugs or alcohol. Once you’re down, it’s hard to get back up. Thank you to everyone who makes this program possible. It really helps us a lot,” she explained.

We’re able to distribute food at mobile pantry locations 48 times a month, thanks to the generosity of our community. Because you care, people facing hunger have hope. We’re so grateful for your support and the difference it allows us to make in all the communities we serve. Thank you!

Help families get back on their feet.

Each year, Food Bank of the Rockies honors a special volunteer with the Betty Van Hook Memorial Award.
Recipients emulate the spirit of Betty, a long-time Food Bank of the Rockies volunteer who gave her time
tirelessly, even while battling cancer. This year, we’re delighted to present the award to Judy Sugino-Barron.

Judy selflessly gives her time, dedicating several Saturdays each month to help us wherever we need her.

She assists and directs other volunteers with a smile, and she’s a delight to work with. Judy’s energy brightens our day.

Judy started volunteering through her workplace’s annual giving day and enjoyed it so much, she came
back on her own. Reclamation is her favorite area. Judy likes working with others and knowing the food we
distribute is safely sorted, boxed and ready for our partner agencies to distribute to food insecure families in their communities.

“Folks with food insecurity have to make hard decisions on whether they can have a meal or pay for their
utilities, rent or other basic needs. Anything I can do to help out is gratifying,” Judy shares. “We have a great nation that offers a lot. If there’s anything we can do to give back, I think we should.”

Judy is always amazed at how dedicated the volunteers are, the great energy they bring, and how much a small group of caring people can accomplish in such a short time.
Congratulations Judy! Thank you for giving back with enthusiasm and sharing your positive spirit with Food Bank of the Rockies. We’re so grateful for your gift of time!

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  • Mobile Pantries
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