Little bodies need good nourishment to grow and learn.

Did you know almost 1 in 4 kids in Colorado lives in a food insecure household? Thanks to your generosity, Food Bank of the Rockies can make sure these children don’t go hungry!

Through Totes of Hope® kids have food to take home over weekend, After-School Snacks provides little ones with something nutritious to eat and Kids Cafe provides dinner after school. The Summer Food Service Program (SFSP)* ensures kids get healthy meals during the summer months when school meals aren’t available.

“Know that what you’re doing helps families, helps kids. And not just right now…it’s going to help them forever,” says school principal Ruth Baldivia. “We’re
building our future and our future has to have nutrition along the way to have a healthy education. It’s critical.”

Because you care, we’re able to provide hundreds of thousands of meals, snacks and totes throughout the year. Thank you for feeding kids for success. Because of you, thousands of kids in our community can thrive!

Help us feed children.

The weather in our beautiful state brings out the best in people.

Hiking, camping, golfing and simply being outdoors is something most families look forward to.

But for some families, summer means hunger. Many moms and dads work hard, but still have difficulty making ends meet. Some families struggle with health issues or unexpected medical bills. If they have children, the lifeline of school meals goes away, forcing them to find other ways to make ends meet. And for seniors on low fixed incomes, summer can be just as challenging as spring, fall and winter. These families are facing difficult and unimaginable choices.

At Food Bank of the Rockies, hunger knows no season. We’re here for these families and we’re only able to be their food lifeline because you care.

This summer, because of you:

  • Children will receive summer lunches.
  • Families and seniors get fresh and much needed food through our mobile pantries.
  • Our partner agencies can find the food they need for their programs.
  • Food that would be thrown away, instead gets inspected and distributed through our food rescues program.

Thank you for giving, not just during the holidays, but during the summer months too!

Every meal makes summer brighter for a hungry man, woman or child and we couldn’t do what we do without you!

Make summer bright for someone in need.

We met Kymberly at a nearby food pantry, but she wasn’t there to get food, she was bringing in her children to volunteer. A little over a year ago, her story was very different.

Her husband lost his job and Kymberly was a stay-at-home mom. They were in the midst of selling a house and with no money coming in, found their family in a difficult situation. She learned about the food pantry and says her family was helped not just with food, but also by the giving community who encouraged and supported them through their crisis. Kymberly, her husband and their children started volunteering at the pantry while they were looking for work and discovered how rewarding it was to help others, even when they were struggling.

Today, her husband has a good job. She recently started working too. The kids volunteers weekly and the family is doing well.

“This is a great support, knowing that there’s other people that care and want to help,” she says, talking about the pantry. The food assistance and encouragement helped her family through a difficult time and thanks to your help, they’re now in a place where they can assist others.

This pantry depends on the food bank for the majority of the food they give to families like Kymberly’s. And Food Bank of the Rockies depends on you to help us continue to distribute nourishing food. Thank you for caring and making a difference so families can get back on their feet!

Help families get back on their feet.

Each year, we select one outstanding volunteer who exemplifies Betty’s enthusiasm, heart and commitment. We are pleased to present this year’s award to Chuck Johnson.

Six years ago, Chuck was down on his luck. Unemployed and fighting depression, he sat in church one Sunday morning and noticed a flyer. His church could get additional food credits for their pantry when people volunteered on their behalf at Food Bank of the Rockies. Chuck decided to give it a try. He met with Vic, FBR’s Reclamation Specialist at the time, who partnered him with Ron Torpy and Paul Berteau, both Betty Van Hook award recipients. Chuck felt welcome and found his volunteer home. Vic nicknamed the three his “A Team.” Chuck knew his work made a difference, not only for the food bank and his church’s pantry, but also for his spirit.

A year later, he found a new job and continued to volunteer on Saturdays. Now retired, we are lucky to have Chuck volunteer on Tuesdays and Thursdays too.

Since 2011, Chuck has contributed more than 1,400 hours to help us feed hungry people. His pantry has distributed almost 23,000 more meals because of his efforts. We appreciate his kindness and are so grateful he’s part of our volunteer family. Congratulations Chuck!

Volunteer today.

134,000 Meals a Day Makes an Impact.

Your gifts fuel hope for thousands of men, women and children. We reach them through many programs including:

  • Kids Programs
  • Partner Meal Sites and Pantries
  • Mobile Pantries
  • Food Rescue
  • Senior CSFP Boxes

Give now and feed a neighbor in need.