What is Link2Feed?

Link2Feed is a Service Insights software program designed specifically to meet the needs of Food Pantries. The program tracks Client Visits, generates real-time data reports, and increases understanding of food insecurity in our communities. This paperless alternative for data tracking enables pantries to more efficiently and effectively support their clients through its simple and easy to learn software.

We are thrilled to be able to offer Link2Feed at no additional cost to your organization. If you would like to sign up for a future training, please refer to the following sign-up sheet:


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How to Get Started

  1. Review L2F Overview Video
  2. Determine if L2F is the best fit for your organization
  3. Email if you have any questions
  4. Sign up for a Link2Feed Virtual Training
  5. Practice using the software
  6. Select a Go Launch Date
  7. Launch Link2Feed with the support of Food Bank of the Rockies!

RSVP to Link2Feed Virtual Training

RSVP to Link2Feed Bimonthly Webinars by emailing


  • Duplicates + Quick Click (September 2020)
  • Launching CNCT (October 2020)
  • TEFAP Signatures + Intake Tabs (November 2020)

Video Resources

Link2Feed Feature updates

Barcode Scanners

Email if you are interested in implementing barcode scanners with Link2Feed at your organization



Q: Why is it important to use Quick Click?

A: Quick Click is so much faster for returning Clients. Once you use it, you will see how much time it saves you! Please note, that if a client is due for TEFAP/CSFP yearly certification or a profile review, Quick Click will redirect you to the client’s profile and you must review/certify the client before you can record the pantry visits either using Quick Click or standard entry.

To turn Quick Click on, go to your dashboard and toggle the On/Off switch on the Green Quick Click bar. Make sure that any applicable Program Types are toggled on.

Type in the Client’s name and click on the correct one (double check Date of Birth). If recording a TEFAP visit, the Signature screen will automatically appear. Select the appropriate signature method. Click Save.

When you click Save, you will get a confirmation screen that indicates that both visits have been successfully recorded. Exit out of this screen and check in the next client!

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