What is Link2Feed?

Link2Feed is a Client Service Insights program designed specifically to meet the needs of hunger relief organizations. This online program tracks Client Visits, generates real-time data reports, and increases understanding of food insecurity in our communities. This paperless alternative for data tracking enables our partners to more efficiently and effectively support their clients through a simple and easy to learn software. Requiring no special equipment or software downloads, Link2Feed works with any device that has access to the internet including computers, tablets, and smartphones.

We are thrilled to be able to offer Link2Feed at no additional cost to your organization. Link2Feed is available to all programs including food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, schools, backpack programs, and kids’ meal sites. If you have any questions, would like to set up a demo, or attend a training, please contact us at today.

Video Resources

What is Link2Feed?

Client Intake Demonstration

Reporting in Link2Feed

Client Self Enrollment Video

Link2Feed Feature updates


The barcode feature is relatively new for Link2Feed. Instead of typing in a client’s ID number, you can scan a barcode card using either a barcode reader or the camera on a smartphone/tablet. We are currently implementing the barcode feature at select trial partners. If your organization is interested in implementing the barcode feature for the future, please email and we will reach out to you when we are ready to expand the feature!
If you’d like to learn more about the barcode feature, watch this video:

What is CNCT?

CNCT stands for Community eNrollment and Connection Tool. Typically, when a New Client visits a pantry, an Intake Volunteer asks a series of questions to complete the client’s Link2Feed profile. The process can take up to five minutes and requires close interaction between the Intake Volunteer and Clients. Due to extended lines and drive-through procedures in place during the Pandemic, Link2Feed developed CNCT as a faster, easier, and more accurate way of collecting Client Data.

Watch the below video tutorial to learn more!

Paperless TEFAP Recording

Have you been tracking TEFAP visits both on paper and on Link2Feed? It is time to become approved for paperless tracking!

The paperless approval process is simple. After 30 days of tracking both forms of intake, contact Food Bank of the Rockies ( to set up an audit. Audits must be conducted by Food Bank of the Rockies staff and during a regular distribution time. Once your organization has passed the audit, we will follow up with an agreement and distribution of Scriptel Signature Pads. These pads are provided at no cost to your organization and can be utilized once signatures are reinstated.

If you are ready to go paperless, would like to verify your paperless status, or to learn more about the process, please email

Introduction of Quick Click

Client Intake just became a lot faster with the introduction of Quick Click. Quick Click is a free optional add-on feature that allows Intake Users to rapidly record visits with the ease of a few clicks.

The feature will populate a green bar on the User Dashboard. Once Quick Click is turned to “On,” select the services the client is receiving. Type the client in the search field and simply click on their name. The client’s visit will be recorded. With this system, a signature is still required for CSFP or TEFAP. A signature box will appear on the screen before recording the visit. If a client’s profile needs to be reviewed, Quick Click will require a normal profile review.

For more information, please watch this video: