Food Bank of the Rockies invites you to partner with us as we pursue our ambitious goal:
providing our communities with enough nutritious and familiar food to thrive.

A new Denver Metro distribution center is integral to achieving this goal.


Food Bank of the Rockies serves 800+ Hunger Relief Partners across Colorado and Wyoming. A larger, modern facility will help us take an enormous burden off their shoulders so they can address the root causes of poverty and food insecurity.

Although we provide food directly to thousands of people in 55 counties, most of our time and energy goes into serving our Hunger Relief Partners –  small pantries, places of worship, and community centers that put food directly into people’s hands.

Thanks to community support, we are distributing enough food for more than 180,000 meals per day

Of all the food moving through our facility, only 10% are items that we purchase and provide to our partners at cost – an annual savings of $3.4 million generated by their collective buying power. More loading docks means bigger shipments, which means even lower costs and more savings. And the more frequently we can deliver that food, the less our partners need to worry about storage and the more they can focus on distribution. And the more boxes our volunteers fill, the more our partners can focus on fulfilling their missions by helping their clients apply for health insurance, career training, and housing subsidies.

With our new facility, we plan to offer at least 150 items to local pantries at all times. By doubling our cold-storage space, we can expand the fresh fruit and vegetables on hand at any given moment. Our size will even allow us to become the newest hub for a national food distributor, which means we’ll generate income and consistently stock dozens of staples – items we can purchase and deliver to pantries whenever there’s a need. We’re well on our way to offering every Hunger Relief Partner a reliable selection of nutritious, affordable food
in a few clicks.

maps of Food Bank of the Rockies' service area

Our school provides free snacks to every child that needs one, and we offer Friday food bags to students who don’t have enough to eat over the weekend, with fresh items like fruit, vegetables, and dairy. We all know kids need food for growing bodies and growing minds, but it’s more than that: Poverty scars the body and harms the soul, making kids feel unworthy, creating sorrow, desperation, and sometimes anger. Getting a food bag can make a child feel loved and seen, instead of invisible. And for us, it would be impossible without Food Bank of the Rockies.