Food Bank of the Rockies invites you to partner with us as we pursue our ambitious goal:
providing our communities with enough nutritious and familiar food to thrive.

A new Denver Metro distribution center is integral to achieving this goal.


Although feeding people is incredibly important, we recognize that food insecurity is a symptom of a larger societal problem—one that we’re tackling in a number of ways.

Food Bank of the Rockies helps feed people across our service area, which covers roughly half of Colorado and all of Wyoming. And we’re determined to change the underlying conditions that are challenging these communities in every way we can.

It’s why our new facility will expand the workforce development training we’ve done with Stout Street Foundation and other partners, offering jobs to people who are recovering from substance use disorders and homelessness.

It’s why we’ll invite Hunger Relief Partners to hold meetings and community gatherings in our expanded space. We’ll expand our student volunteer opportunities, which provide teens with chances to give back to their communities while educating them on the causes and impacts of hunger. With more cold storage for fresh produce, we’ll increase our purchases from local farmers. We’ll also shrink our carbon footprint and lower our utility costs with sustainable elements including solar panels on our rooftop, bike storage for staff and volunteers, and new electric trucks for our fleet.

We’re excited to have more office space for our employees so they can come together to collaborate, generating new ideas to serve our partners and our communities.

We need your support to achieve this transformational vision, to build a larger facility, and to make these opportunities possible. Help us ensure that all of our neighbors have full cupboards, full plates, and full lives.

Join Us.