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FLASH MATCH: Give now and have your gift TRIPLE matched for 3x the impact for Hunger Action Day through midnight tonight.

FLASH MATCH: Give now for 3X the impact for Hunger Action Day.


Your Help is Needed TODAY

Taken from Feeding America’s website….

Action Needed: Call Congress about the FY2012 Budget TODAY!

On Tuesday, June 14, the House is expected to vote on the FY 2012 Agriculture Appropriations legislation, which makes significant cuts to nutrition programs that are critical to food banks and the clients they serve. We are calling on all of Hunger Action Center advocates to help us demonstrate strong grassroots opposition to cutting TEFAP, CSFP, WIC, and SNAP. While we understand the need to balance the budget, cutting programs that bring hunger-relief to low income Americans is not the way to do it.

Call today! Help us track our impact by using our toll-free number, 877-698-8228. After a brief message you’ll be asked to enter your zip code to connect directly to your House member’s office. Once you are connected:

Tell them that you are a constituent and state the name of the town you are calling from.

Let them know you are calling about the FY 2012 Agriculture Appropriations legislation.

Deliver this message:

As an advocate for the hungry and my local food bank, I urge you to vote AGAINST the FY2012 Agriculture Appropriations legislation, which cuts funding for TEFAP commodities, CSFP, WIC and SNAP reserve funds. Cutting safety net programs is the wrong way to balance the budget. Instead, I ask that you work with your colleagues to pass a budget that addresses the deficit while safeguarding programs that protect our nation’s most vulnerable citizens.


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Child eating lunch


Join us this Hunger Action Day on September 15 and have your gift TRIPLE matched for 3X the impact.

Join us September 15 for Hunger Action Day to make 3X the impact.

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