What’s So Special about a Spoon?


It’s hard to say how long spoons have been around.  They’ve been discovered with ancient Egyptian artifacts, unearthed with treasures from the Neolithic civilizations and found with relics used during the Shang Dynasty.

Spoons represent different ideas and cultures – “A Spoonful of Sugar.” “Born with a silver spoon in his mouth.” Spoons are units of measure – teaspoons, tablespoons. Some people collect souvenir spoons. Spoons can even be used as musical instruments.

But mostly spoons represent access to the most basic nourishment – a warm cup of soup, a hearty bowl of oatmeal, a simple dish of rice and beans, all consumed with a spoon.  And as we know, too many neighbors and families don’t always have food for their spoons.

This September is Hunger Action month, a time to reflect on hunger, take action and encourage others to make a difference too.  Food Bank of the Rockies, along with our fellow Feeding America food banks, is promoting “Spoontember” during Hunger Action Month.  We’re sporting orange, the color of Hunger Action Month and having fun with spoons by sharing selfies, balancing them on our nose. But what we’re really doing is bringing attention to hunger and reminding people they can make a difference, no matter how small.

Food banks across the country hear far too many stories of hard working people, seriously ill people, children in poverty, seniors on fixed incomes, all struggling to have enough to eat.  Together we can help them have food for their spoons, food for their health and food for their souls. By giving back, whether it’s through volunteering, calling Congress, sharing social media or contributing funds, you can brighten the lives of these families.

So thank you for participating in Spoontember and Hunger Action Month.  A simple, silly act can have a big impact. Through contributions of food, funds and time, families can be nourished.  Together we can solve hunger.


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