What Do FBR & American Idol Have in Common?

45% of the children served through FBR’s partner agencies are kids. People around the state, the country and the world for that matter have a heart for kids in need. Proof of that fact came to FBR recently in the form of a grant totaling $24,414.

FBR received this grant from Charity Projects Entertainment Fund and “IDOL GIVES BACK” to combat childhood hunger in the Metro Denver area. For those of you who don’t watch “American Idol,” the producers dedicated a show last year toward raising money for various charities. Folks around the world called in to make pledges and that money was divided between the charities. America’s Second Harvest (A2H), our parent organization, was one of those charities. FBR applied for a portion of the funds granted to A2H and were awarded the $24,414.
The grant will be used to provide 150 hot meals per day, Monday through Friday, to the children at Shopneck Boys and Girls Club in Brighton, Colorado through our Kids Cafe Program. Feeding kids. We can’t think of a better use for this grant.

On April 15, FBR representatives and Boys and Girl’s Club staff joined at Shopneck Boys and Girls Club to present the children with a huge check, a hot meal and cake to finish it off. Former American Idol contestant, Matt Buckstein, volunteered his talent by performing and taking part in a Q&A session with the kids. He was bombarded by 150 kids who asked questions like, “Do you play baseball with the Rockies?”, “Are you a teenage mutant ninja turtle?” and “What is your favorite part about being on Dancing with the Stars?”

We’re incredibly grateful for the generosity of all the parties involved in making it possible to feed these 150 kids 5 days per week. It’s amazing what’s possible when we all join together.


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