We Count Our Blessings Every Day! A Message from our CEO

The Holidays.  While some of us tend to get a little stressed with all the “goings on”, it’s still a time to be grateful for the many blessings in our lives.  A friend recently pointed out to me how fortunate he is to have enough money, time and flexibility to deal with an untimely car repair. He told me that dealing with this made him think about many of our food bank clients and how something unexpected–a minor annoyance for some–could throw families living on the edge into a world of struggle.  The things many of us take for granted – reliable transportation, money for heat, a living wage, health, a safe place to call home – are simple blessings some of our neighbors don’t have.

At the food bank, we count our blessings every day! The contributions of food and essentials from businesses, farmers, wholesalers and ranchers, the monetary and volunteer gifts from individuals, businesses, foundations and other organizations, these all allow us the ability to share hope in the form of a meal.  Thank you for helping us make the holidays, as well as all the other days of the year, a little less stressful for families barely getting by! We can only provide nourishment to families in need because you care.

This holiday season, I wish you the joys and comforts of good food, safe travels, a warm home, health, peace and happiness. If you are blessed, thank you for sharing a little of your abundance with hungry families.  And if you know a family in need this holiday, please refer them to Food Bank of the Rockies to find help and hope.  No one should go hungry!

Warm regards for a wonderful season of sharing,

Kevin Seggelke






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