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Things are Hoppin’ at FBR!

April 8th was a busy Wednesday at FBR! It’s not often that we’re served the very food that’s being donated, but yesterday that was the case. The Colorado Egg Producers donated 194,000 eggs to FBR all while cooking up fresh omelette’s for our volunteers and staff! As if that wasn’t excitement enough, the Easter Bunny showed up and took pictures with over 50 kids from Little Giants Day Care (and a few adults too).
This is the second year in a row the Colorado Egg Producers have donated a truck load of eggs to FBR. In total, they’ll help more than 600,000 people who are at risk of hunger in Colorado through the donation of eggs around our state. Thanks to everyone who was involved in making the day a “hoppin” success!

194,000 eggs about to be unloaded into FBR’s warehouse.

FBR’s Kim and Kristina escort the Easter Bunny to his photo session.

A young food banker gives his candy to the “Big Bunny.”

The kids from Little Giants Day Care thoroughly enjoyed their visit with FBR’s Easter Bunny.


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