Thank You Buckley Air Force Base!


Not only are these brave men and women serving their country, they’re also serving their community. Today in our warehouse, team members from the base volunteered to pull food orders, an important task to help us get food to our partner agencies and neighbors in need.

Pulling orders is a bit like shopping at a discount food warehouse. Items are listed on a pick-sheet and marked with the row, space and quantity requested. Volunteers locate the items and place the cases on pallets to be tagged and shrink wrapped when completed. It takes a bit of muscle, a bit of patience and a big heart. Wayne, one of the Buckley volunteers, informed us the base focuses on jobs, community involvement and significant self-improvement – i.e. the Whole Person Concept.


The Buckley team volunteers several times a year; they have donated more than 3,000 hours and are always incredibly hardworking. We are so grateful to these kind-hearted servicemen and women for their service to their country and their volunteer service to our community and Food Bank of the Rockies.


Thank you Buckley Volunteers! We think you’re awesome!


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