Studio C & FBR!

FBR was fortunate enough to be chosen as a beneficiary of proceeds from 2009’s sought after Studio C album!
People line up for this album year after year after year. Some choose to set up camp for 24 hours just to be first out of thousands to get their two CDs. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. On December 5th, lines formed at 9 local Ultimate Electronics locations as KBCO set up live remotes at many of those locations to update listeners on the status of CD sales. This year, they also talked about the fact that proceeds from this CD phenomenon benefit The Boulder County Aids Project and FBR! We sent staff to 5 locations at 6:30am to help cater to the crowds and promote KBCO and FBR. It was well worth battling the cold temps to experience this yearly tradition and of course to receive funds to feed thousands of people from this generous promotion!
THANK YOU to team KBCO for including us! It was a pleasure working with you in the fight against hunger!
The line at Park Meadows stretched further than the eye could see!

KBCO’s Ginger and a fellow co-worker at the Park Meadows location.


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