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Snow Days Could Mean Hunger for Kids in Our Community

When it snows and kids get the day off from school, it’s usually cause for them to celebrate.

But not for all kids.

When Dakota’s teacher told him there might be a blizzard and school could be cancelled, he replied with worry, “But how will we get our food?”

For Dakota and his family, receiving a weekly Totes of Hope® is important; missing school on distribution day is no holiday. It could mean going hungry at home.

FBR Totes of Hope® sites used to distribute on Fridays, but now distributions happen on different days at different sites, so there are more opportunities for the children to get their totes in the event of a snow day or school closure.

In this blizzard, many children are home enjoying a hot meal and a break from school. We hope every child in our community has enough to eat today. Programs like Totes of Hope® help ensure kids in food insecure families have needed nutrition.

Thank you for remembering those who might not have enough food and for supporting our programs. Every dollar provides four meals for hungry families like Dakota’s. For the price of a fancy coffee, just think of all the meals you could share!



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