Partnering with 70 Wild Animals

We do our very best at FBR to ensure that food is not wasted. There are occasions when we receive food that doesn’t meet the standards for distribution to our agency partners. Rather than throw these items away, we recently partnered with the Indigo Mountain Nature Center out of Lake George, CO to pick up items such as meat, fish, pet food, produce, eggs just to name a few. The items they receive, not safe for human consumption, are perfect for the 70 animals housed at their amazing facility. Representatives from the nature center came today for their first pick up, which totaled 1,000 pounds!  They’ll visit us every 2 weeks in the future.

Rather than food being thrown away, we now are proud to partner with bears, coyotes, wolves, felines and other fabulous creatures. How cool is that?  You can visit the Indigo Mountain Nature Center and see these beautiful creatures first hand!



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