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Nourishing Neighbors in Need, One Glass of Lemonade at a Time

Otto and Ev's at their lemonade stand

What started as a way to make a few extra dollars for a trip to Disneyland soon morphed into a small business — one that often benefits other organizations, including Food Bank of the Rockies, rather than the operators’ bank accounts. The hours of operation are irregular, and the products and end goal for proceeds vary, but the owners say their venture has been a success since its start in 2019. After all, who doesn’t like lemonade?

Evelyn, age 6, and Otto, age 9, are sister and brother entrepreneurs whose lemonade stand (and sometimes hot cocoa, depending on the weather) in Englewood draws in an average of $75 per pop-up session. Otto is the showman — “I like to wave to people and sometimes do silly things to get their attention,” he said with a smile that surely also helps attract business — while Evelyn, who goes by Ev, is passionate about the people. “I like to make people happy by giving them lemonade and treats,” she said. “Ev is very service-oriented,” added Trish, Ev and Otto’s mom.

Since starting Otto & Ev’s Lemonade Stand, the brother and sister duo have dedicated three sessions to raise money specifically for Food Bank of the Rockies. In addition to the proceeds from drinks and snacks sold (they like having cookies, pretzels, and candy on hand to complement their beverage selection), Ev and Otto also sell T-shirts and donate the money raised to Food Bank of the Rockies.

Why the Food Bank? “Because people need food, and because of Dad,” replied Otto. Trish explained, “Their dad has donated to Food Bank of the Rockies in the past. So when the kids’ school assigned them the task of raising money for a charity of their choice, they chose the Food Bank.”

Otto and Ev selling hot chocolate in the snow
In colder months, Otto & Ev’s Lemonade Stand in Rotolo Park in Englewood transforms into a hot cocoa stand. / Photo provided by the subjects

Raising money for Food Bank of the Rockies isn’t the only philanthropic work Ev and Otto do. Examples of their other efforts to help end hunger in their community include making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for people experiencing homelessness and volunteering with Food for Thought, a nonprofit organization that works with 76 Denver-area schools to provide any child who needs it with a bag of enough non-perishable food items to feed a family of four for the weekend.

While they don’t have a set schedule for their lemonade stand, Otto and Ev encourage people to swing by Rotolo Park in Englewood if they’re in the area and look for them. Even better, purchase one of their custom T-shirts to have on hand when stopping by. The business duo will be sure to welcome you with smiles, chitchat, and, of course, a tasty beverage and snack.

Inspired by Ev and Otto to donate to Food Bank of the Rockies? Make a financial gift of any amount here. Every $1 donated helps provide enough food for four nourishing meals to a neighbor experiencing hunger.

To purchase a T-shirt from Otto & Ev’s Lemonade Stand, visit lemonadeforgood.itemorder.com/shop/sale.

Are you or someone you know raising money for Food Bank of the Rockies in a fun way? Let us know! Email eburkhardt@foodbankrockies.org with your story and contact information, and it will be considered for the blog. Thank you!


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