A New Strategic Plan Directs Our Path Toward Food Security for All

food bank volunteer sorting food

Earlier this year, after months of comprehensive pro bono consultation from McKinsey & Company and hundreds of conversations with and surveys of donors, board members, and community partners, Food Bank of the Rockies launched a new strategic plan that will guide our work through the lens of five key pillars.

Two of the pillars — Strengthening our Foundation and Integrating our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion — fuel all of our work and are ingrained in the other three pillars: Nourishing Our Communities, Amplifying the Collective Voice, and Shortening the Lines.

“No one should be hungry in America, and when I think about this plan, it’s designed to work toward that larger vision,” said Melinda Day, Chief Impact Officer at Food Bank of the Rockies. “We looked at where we can lead, where we can let our Hunger Relief Partners, clients, and root-cause and advocacy experts lead, and how we can best elevate voices. The role of this plan is to help us focus on our mission and check ourselves along the way — to ensure we are living up to the mission and incorporating and engaging the appropriate stakeholders at all times. The plan is in the process, helping us evolve to better solve the issue of food insecurity.”

Added President and CEO Erin Pulling: “Our previous strategic plan was implemented in 2019 and very much focused on, more or less, ‘getting our house in order.’ We’re at a much different place now. We’ve had to grapple with the challenges of COVID, increased food costs, the impact of inflation on the people we serve, a tremendously higher need, and the end of emergency SNAP allotments in March. We’re in a position of having broader sights on how we can best serve our community and focus on supporting our community in solving for hunger and food insecurity.”

As we move forward with this new strategic plan, we will continue to guide our work in addressing both the causes of hunger in our community as well as finding innovative ways to address those causes and nourish people experiencing food insecurity. We envision a day when everyone in our region has access to the nutritious food they need to thrive. This strategic plan is designed to fuel that mission.

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