New Partnership with FoodWorks

We’re excited to have recently teamed up with our friends at FoodWorks to provide healthy, nutritious food produced right here in Colorado. 

“We are consistently producing our products every week while training our clients,” said Dr. Jackson Pope, FoodWorks president and CEO. “Getting these large quantities of nutrient-dense food out to the food bank network is a whole other matter, so who better to help us than the proven leader?”

FoodWorks operates a 48,000-square-foot food production and vocational training facility that houses a cannery, packaging lines, processing operations, inventory warehouse and an on-site classroom. Each week, FoodWorks produces 3,000 canned chili bean meals packed with protein and fiber. Upon completion of each canning run, the batch is then divided and packaged at the facility into a 12-can case of 15-ounce cans and into the FoodWorks Combo Pack, a versatile case with six cans of beans and one family-size bag of rice.

The finished goods are shipped to FBR, where we distribute to nearly 1,300 hunger relief partner agencies.  We’re excited to support FoodWorks’ operations by purchasing their products to distribute through our agency partners.  Knowing these products will not only help men and women develop job skills, but they’ll also provide nutrition for our neighbors in need makes this venture a win-win for the community.

“Collaboration is the key in serving the needs of the community as all of us can do so much more together than we could ever accomplish individually,” said Pope. “We have always had great synergy with FBR and teaming up together only helps each of us operate more effectively.”
FBR is thrilled to be able to collaborate with FoodWorks in this new venture! 


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