Mouth Watering Aromas and Side Splitting Chris Parente Kick off a Tax Day Promotion

From left: Mike Luther, GM at Yia Yia’s, Janie Gianotsos, FBR Marketing Director , CW2’s Chris Parente, FBR PR & Media Manager, Gwen Vogelzang and CW2’s Greg the Great.

Yia Yia’s Euro Bistro, a new FBR partner, is hosting a fabulous fundraiser on Tax Day, April 15th. Yia Yia’s will donate the equivalent of the tax from the entire day, lunch, cocktails and dinner, to FBR. Patrons simply dine at the lovely Tech Center hot spot and will automatically be contributing toward the fight against hunger. We sat down with Mike, the GM and originator of this creative fundraiser, and were thrilled with his level of enthusiasm and the generous spirit of the staff at Yia Yia’s.

Who better to share in this enthusiasm than CW2’s Morning Feature Reporter, Chris Parente. Chris, an energetic bundle of wit and charm graced us with his presence Tuesday morning on site at Yia Yia’s. Four live segments discussing the fabulous chow at Yia Yia’s, the Tax Attack promotion and FBR’s overall mission of fighting hunger and feeding hope fed into the morning news.

For a short time, one of the spots can be viewed at,0,4506450.htmlstory. We hope to see you at Yia Yia’s on April 15th! Special thanks to both Yia Yia’s and CW2 (namely Chris and Greg the Great) for joining forces in the fight against hunger.

Yia Yia’s provides an inviting setting for an unforgettable dining experience.


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