Morgan Stanley Fills the Plates of Colorado Kids

This past Friday, local Morgan Stanley employees teamed up with FBR to fill over 100 Totes of Hope ™ for local kids in need and distributed the totes to children at Love Christian in Denver as they headed home for the weekend.

This volunteer effort comes as the financial services firm recently launched ‘Fill the Plate,’ a $5 million commitment to combat child hunger during weekends and after-school hours in Colorado and around the country. FBR will receive a generous gift of $120,000 over the next two years as a result of this dedicated effort!!!

While more than 200,000 children in our service area receive free or reduced-priced meals through the National School Lunch Program, there are no targeted federal resources to supply meals to these children during the weekends. Our Totes of Hope™ program provides an innovative solution to this problem: backpacks filled with shelf-stable, nutritious food for children to take home when the weekend arrives. These free backpacks contain about nine pounds of wholesome food children can prepare themselves if necessary.

We applaud Morgan Stanley for making a positive impact for Denver-area children in need in the areas of hunger relief and obesity!  Your generosity will certainly go a very long way in the lives of these kids.


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