Mini Golf Provides 2 Tons of Food

How do you turn two tons of nonperishable food into a corporate, team-building exercise?  Just ask the creative and industrious folks at Universal Lending Corporation. About 250 Universal Lending employees convened for an annual meeting and decided to do more than talk shop and set new corporate goals. Instead, they held a team-building exercise – make a miniature golf course out of cans of food, which were then donated to Food Bank of the Rockies.
On the day of the event, employees were let in on the meaning of all that nonperishable food. They were challenged to design and build a 30-hole mini golf course out of the food items which would afterwards be donated to Food Bank of the Rockies in celebration of ULC’s 30 Year Anniversary. After the mini golf course was designed and built, teams played a 9-hole round of golf.

While prizes were awarded to employees, the real pleasure came in boxing up the food and loading it on Food Bank of the Rockies’ truck. When all was said and done, ULC contributed 4,000 pounds/2 tons of food to the Food Bank, which produced 3,125 meals for neighbors in need.


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