Child eating lunch.


FLASH MATCH: Give now and have your gift TRIPLE matched for 3x the impact for Hunger Action Day through midnight tonight.

FLASH MATCH: Give now for 3X the impact for Hunger Action Day.


Lighting Up for Hunger

For the 5th year, our friends, Ed and Tom are lighting up their neighborhood to fight hunger in Colorado.  Their amazing home light show in Arvada kicked off on Thanksgiving evening and will run through January 4, 2013. They have approximately 40,000 lights this year with a couple new Christmas songs added to their radio dialed light show.  The display is simply outstanding and fun for the entire family. You can view their hard work at 12177 W 58th Place, Arvada, 80004.

Tom and Ed pay us a visit every January to present us with a gift from their loyal contributors. 

They’re generously offering FBR 100% of any donations collected in the donation box outside their home.   Tom and Ed explain, “The recent economy has hurt a lot of people, making your efforts that much more challenging. We are proud to help and we have fun doing it, too. We have met many people from all walks of life and enjoy sharing our experiences with them. So many neighbors pass by in their vehicles or on foot with their dogs while we are setting up on the weekends. And we receive so many encouraging words from them as they watch the display progress throughout the four weekends leading up to kickoff. We are always amazed that our efforts are able to generate so much goodwill and promote the spirit of the season.  This is our seventh year for the display and our fifth year that you are our benefactor. Together, let’s wish for a prosperous year for Food Bank of the Rockies.”

THANK YOU so much to our favorite holiday light show friends!  We’re blessed to be recipients of your generosity and holiday spirit!


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Child eating lunch


Join us this Hunger Action Day on September 15 and have your gift TRIPLE matched for 3X the impact.

Join us September 15 for Hunger Action Day to make 3X the impact.

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