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Lachey Day

You never know when random excitement will come our way here at FBR. Yesterday we received a visit from a huge yellow tour bus, carrying Nick Lachey (luhshay). Nick, co-founder of a new website,, came to Denver as part of his 11 day “Everybody Wins Tour.” He delivered a Nintendo Wii system to a winner from the website and stopped at food bank to pack a few boxes with kids from the Broncos Boys and Girls Club. Next stop was Las Vegas before heading home to LA.

For the past 3 years Nick has been a member of Feeding America’s Entertainment Council in support of fighting hunger nationally. Thanks to Nick for stopping in and to the boys and girls who volunteered their time to come out and join in the fun. Visit to check out what Nicks been up to.

Nick with the website winner and her family in Westminster.

FBR staff poses with Nick.

Packing boxes with kids from the Broncos Boys and Girls Club.


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