KS 107.5 Kickin’ Some Serious Food Drive Bootie

KS 107.5 has been doing their annual Thanksgiving Food Drive for years.  And our agency partners have reaped the rewards of the generosity of this radio station and their loyal listeners.  It’s amazing to watch how many people roll in with boxes full of food!  Tony V parks his KS-mobile at 2 locations per day and invites listeners to come by with food.  And that they do.  Tons and tons of food.  And yesterday, Bronco, DJ Williams, donated 55 turkeys to the drive!  Perfect timing for Thanksgiving next week!  We’ve been stopping by to say “thanks” and get some photos throughout the week and wanted to share those with all of you!

Thanks to KS 107.5 for yet another year of this awesome food drive.  We’ll post a grand total for pounds donated once it’s all wrapped up!


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