KBCO Studio C Fights Hunger

We’re proud to once again be chosen as a recipient for the proceeds of KBCO’s coveted Studio C album! On Saturday, December 4, FBR staff and volunteers joined forces with KBCO staff, representatives from Boulder Aids Project, Key Bank folks and endless lines of KBCO fans outside various Ultimate Electronics locations around town.  The goal?  Thousands of people line up overnight  or at the crak of dawn to be first in line to purchase this compilation of one of a kind musical masterpieces.  Fresh from Studio C.  We were honored enough to spend time with KBCO talent and chat with folks who make this a yearly tradition.   Many thanks to all our friends at KBCO for including us in this outstanding fundraiser.  Our neighbors in need will reap the rewards of your generosity.     
KBCO’s witty Bret Saunders and the lovely Robbyn Hart set up shop outside the Park Meadows Ultimate Electronics location. 
FBR’s Janie & Gwen joined the masses at the Park Meadows remote.
 The line.  The endless line.
 Key Bank provided coffee and breakfast food for the crowd to enjoy as they waited.


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