Hunger is Everywhere…Even on the Tether Ball Court

FBR is fortunate enough to be one of many Denver-area nonprofit organizations that receives funding through Season To Share, a McCormick Foundation. The FBR authored post below comes from their new Season to Share blog,  showing the impact that can be made on the lives of those in need in our community through Season To Share. To learn more about Season To Share or to make a donation (all donations are matched at 50% by the McCormick Foundation), visit

“Remember being a kid and either being envied because you were really good at something or envious because someone else was? Bobby, (name changed), a sixth grader at a local Denver elementary school, is one of those kids who is really good at something. Tether ball. In Bobby’s school, if you rule the tether ball court, you are king of the class. No one could beat Bobby. One day, his teacher and a counselor observed he was losing on the court. They also noticed he didn’t seem to mind. Finally, they noticed that he began bringing a small carry-on to school. One afternoon, as he left for the day, they asked him what was inside. Bobby opened it up excitedly, proudly displaying sandwiches, fruit, chips, juices and other items, obviously from his classmates’ lunches. When his teacher asked him where he got all the food, he told her, “I let the other kids win at tether ball if they promise to give me some­thing from their lunch. Then I take the food home so my family can eat.””

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