Child eating lunch.


FLASH MATCH: Give now and have your gift TRIPLE matched for 3x the impact for Hunger Action Day through midnight tonight.

FLASH MATCH: Give now for 3X the impact for Hunger Action Day.


Hunger Fighting Chili

Companies often ask us for effective hunger fighting ideas to use with their employees.  Ideas that will boost morale, incorporate fun and team work while making a significant impact on the community.  When these inquiries arise, we point to a company who, year after year after year, amazes us with their innovation and employee dedication.  We point to the fine folks of Whiting Petroleum.  
Where do we begin?  Over the past six years, employees of Whiting have raised $283,333.44!  They formed a committee dedicated to fundraising ideas, events and details.  This committee has organized company Olympics, bake sales, auctions, tail gating parties, chili cook offs, pot lucks etc. 
Most recently, we visited the 14th floor of their office building for a massive chili cook off event.  Over 100 employees lined up to taste 12 employee crafted chilis, corn breads, dips and desserts.  4 judges, including our own CEO, Kevin Seggelke, tasted each chili and voted on the best of the best.  Diners donated to FBR for their lunch and raffle tickets were sold for restaurant gift cards, with all the funds going to FBR.  It was announced that nearly $25,000 had already been raised through multiple employee events and Whiting would be matching the total raised. 
We feel like members of the Whiting family – and a family it truly is. We can’t say “THANKS” enough to this company and the vital role they play in fighting hunger in our communities. Your dedication does not go unnoticed!
 Kevin has tough job on days like this! 


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Child eating lunch


Join us this Hunger Action Day on September 15 and have your gift TRIPLE matched for 3X the impact.

Join us September 15 for Hunger Action Day to make 3X the impact.

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