Healthy & Affordable Cooking Education at Food Bank

FBR offers a range of food items to our agencies.  Many items are staples but some leave agencies wondering, “How can I best use this to serve clients or teach clients how to use this at home?”   We aim to help our agencies utilize the food received from FBR in various ways.  In early October, our friend Chef Jackson Lamb volunteered his time, alongside our own Chef Paul, in performing cooking demonstrations for our agency partners.  Jackson and Paul cooked up a number of recipes using ingredients available in our warehouse and handed out the recipes to coincide with each demonstration.  This hour demonstration offered the opportunity see, firsthand, creative, simple and cost effective ways to utilize various food items available at FBR.

Special thanks to Jackson for giving back to our neighbors in need time and time again.  You’re an incredibly valued partner and member of the FBR family!


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