Faces of Food Bank: Linda

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes so FBR can feed hope to our hungry neighbors?  From greeting visitors, stocking shelves, procuring food and distributing it through our partner agencies and programs to raising needed funds, keeping you informed, organizing volunteers and carefully allocating your contributions, there’s a whole world behind fighting hunger and we’d like to invite you in for a peek. 

We’re excited to introduce our “Faces of Food Bank” campaign, where you’ll meet a member (or two) of our hard working staff each week. The goal is to give you an inside glimpse of food banking at its finest! We have over 80 employees who perform a variety of tasks, all very different but all vital to fighting hunger and feeding hope in Colorado.

Meet Linda.  If you enter our south facing main entrance, you’ll be warmly welcomed by Linda.  Like most FBR team members, Linda wears many hats.  She not only manages the constantly busy phone line, she also refers people in need to pantries in their area, directs visitors and vendors, and assists the finance and human resources departments with clerical needs.  Linda’s four kids and five grand kids are her world and she loves being able to help people in need during her day job.  Two of the many reasons Linda lives in Colorado are the zero humidity climate and the awesome Mexican food.



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