Dine and Donate – Tyler Wiard’s Perspective

As the Executive Chef at Elway’s Cherry Creek, I look forward to Denver Restaurant Week every year.  It’s a 2 week period where folks can take advantage of outstanding values for memorable dining experiences around the city of Denver.  Elway’s Cherry Creek is proud to welcome diners to visit us and sample the culinary creations we dream up for this event.  In addition to encouraging folks to participate in Denver Restaurant Week, I’m excited to join forces with Food Bank of the Rockies in promoting their Dine and Donate campaign.
Although most people wouldn’t assume it to be true, hunger is a prevalent issue in our state.  One in seven Coloradans don’t know where their next meal is coming from.  These folks won’t be fortunate enough to participate in Denver Restaurant Week.  During this two week period, we’re asking people to DINE at a participating restaurant and DONATE $52.80 to Food Bank of the Rockies on behalf of our neighbors in need.  We’re aiming to raise $5,280, which will provide 21,120 meals.   
Click HERE to help us reach that goal of $5,280 this week!  Hope to see you at Elway’s Cherry Creek very soon.


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