Colorado Secretary of State Wins Bet (and so does Food Bank of the Rockies!)

Wayne-Williams-Rick-EnstromYou’ve seen those Super Bowl bets where politicians of the losing team send local food and drink items to the winning team’s politician. Sometimes they wear the winning team’s jersey. Or decorate their office with the winning team’s logos and colors.

In this bet, no matter who won the big game, local food banks were winners too. Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams and North Carolina Secretary of State Elaine Marshall decided to host food drives at their offices. Donations would be made to their local food banks in honor of the winning team. We’re not only delighted for the donations, but also that they are made in honor of our very own winning Denver Broncos!

Thank you to both Secretary Williams and Secretary Marshall for making this thoughtful wager.  We appreciate your kindness and taking time to think about those less fortunate!

(Pictured above Rick Enstrom of Enstrom Candies and Secretary Williams dropping off the donation before the Super Bowl.)


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