Audrey Made Our Day!

Audrey - bestHow many five-year-old kids do you know who would rather feed hungry families than get showered with toys and other gifts on their birthday?  Well they do exist and we were lucky enough to meet one today!

Audrey had a birthday celebration and asked her family and friends to bring food instead of gifts. It was wonderful to see her smile when we told her she’d be feeding kids just like her who didn’t have enough to eat. In fact, nearly one in four kids in our service area live in food insecure families.  Every gift, no matter how small, will bring hope to someone who’s hungry.

She and her parents took a tour of our warehouse too.

Thank you to Audrey’s mom and dad for taking time to nurture and teach your wonderful daughter about giving back. And thank you Audrey for being kind and for caring about others.  You truly made our day!


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