A Truckload of Hope

On Tuesday, August 10th at 10:30 a.m., Smithfield and the United Food and Commercial Workers Union delivered 150 thousand servings of protein (a truck load of frozen pork) to FBR as a continuation of its ‘Feeding The Hungry’ coast-to-coast tour to donate a total of nearly 20 million servings of protein over the next three years to Feeding America food banks. Smithfield’s longstanding retail partner, Safeway, and a dedicated supporter of FBR, also participated in the program.

Smithfield Foods Public Affairs Director, Dennis Pittman, speaks about their dedication to fighting hunger on a national level.
“Smithfield Foods is committed to hunger relief,” said Dennis Pittman, Public Affairs Director, Smithfield. “We felt the need to help shine a spotlight on an ever-increasing problem for American families. Providing hunger relief will continue to remain a priority.” Smithfield and the United Food and Commercial Workers will continue this work across the nation in an effort to donate and deliver more than 1,600,000 pounds of protein, or more than 6,400,000 servings each year, to help families and individuals become more food secure.
“The UFCW is committed to ensuring that families across the country have the relief and the opportunities they need to weather the current economic crises,” said Joe Hansen, UFCW International President. “All across the country UFCW members are on the front lines of efforts to improve and strengthen their communities, and this new partnership reflects their unwavering commitment to protect and advocate for families during tough times. This partnership is about bringing together organizations with the resources, the relationships and the know-how to ensure that vulnerable communities across the country have access to well-supplied food banks. Our goal is simple: Get good, nutritious food to as many families, in as many communities, as possible.”
We’re grateful that we were able to be a recipient of Smithfield’s generous donation! Our agency partners greatly appreciate healthy options for their clients on the front lines of hunger and this truckload of food provided just that! Many thanks to Smithfield, Safeway and the UFCW!
The truck door opens, revealing countless pounds of frozen pork being donated to FBR partner agencies.

An assembly line quickly unloads the truck.

FBR’s Kevin Seggelke and Dennis Pittman lead the pack in emptying the truck.

Dedicated Safeway folks show their support for the donation.


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