A KBCO Tradition Continues Fighting Hunger

For the fourth year, FBR was chosen alongside Boulder County Aids Project to be gifted with the proceeds from KBCO’s remarkably successful  tradition of selling Studio C CD’s.  On Saturday, December 1st, dedicated KBCO’ers lined up (some camped out) outside Furniture Row Paul’s TV locations around town in order to get their hands on these coveted CD’s.  Some of these folks have been doing this for 24 years and own the entire collection.  We send volunteers and staff to each location to help out and join in the excitement of the morning.

We spent some time with Bret Saunders, Robyn Hart and Scott Arbough in Lone Tree that morning.  KBCO people?  They’re top notch.  We’re so honored to work alongside them and incredibly grateful for all they do to fight hunger and feed hope.  We’re listening to the CD today- are you?


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