A Corny Tradition We Adore

When a community comes together, beautiful things grow! In this case, beautiful corn.

Eight years ago, Mike Kosman and his family decided to share some of their land, resources and expertise to grow corn for the hungry. They reached out for support from the local community. Donations of seeds and offers from volunteers made the idea a reality – and an annual tradition.

Mike passed away four years ago, yet his kindness lives on. This year, for the first time, the land was rented out and farmed by a new couple, Trevor Birky and Shelby Teague. When Trevor and Shelby learned about the project, they decided to continue the tradition. We’re so grateful this amazing couple wanted to continue sharing the land to feed families.

In addition to Trevor and Shelby, Bruce Postovit and Bayer Crop Science provided seed, volunteers and equipment. Bruce has been part of the corn planting and harvest since the beginning, and we’re in awe of all he does every year to ensure the event is a huge success.

A record 250 volunteers showed up to harvest the corn. Nutrien, Calvary Chapel of Aurora, Fort Morgan’s FFA and Young Farmers’ Association, several 4-H groups and some nice people who read about the event in the newspaper, all turned out to help. They set a new record, picking 87,500 sweet corn plants – nearly 34,000 pounds – in just an hour and a half!

We also received a generous check from Nutrien, who held a company fundraiser and provided funds that will allow us to distribute an additional 8,000 meals!

Our staff had a great time too. Drivers Mike and Chester even brought their wives to help. Colleen, our food sourcing coordinator had so much fun, she talked our “ears” off when she got back in the office.

Once again, our heartfelt thanks to Mike’s family, our new friends Trevor and Shelby, our dear friend Bruce and everyone who made this a morning to remember.

We appreciate you all!


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