Child eating lunch.


FLASH MATCH: Give now and have your gift TRIPLE matched for 3x the impact for Hunger Action Day through midnight tonight.

FLASH MATCH: Give now for 3X the impact for Hunger Action Day.


9Cares and Colorado Shares – Without a Doubt!

We were thrilled to announce that we would be partnering with 9NEWS for their outstandingly successful 2012 9Cares Colorado Shares Food and Fund Drive.  This annual event has been a part of Denver history for over 30 years and continues to grow each and every year.  The staff at 9NEWS has this massive collection of food, funds, toys etc. down to a science!  The actual drive took place on Saturday, October 27 at multiple locations around the Denver Metro area.

Leading up to the Saturday drive, we were blessed with an outpouring of donations coming from the Corporate Challenge and the Primrose School Drive.  These two events, in conjunction with 9Cares, provided over 40,000 pounds of food!  See below for a small sampling of bus loads of food from our new friends at Primrose!




Truckload after truckload of donated food was delivered to our warehouse on Oct. 27.  When it was all said and done, we weighed over 174,000 pounds here at FBR for our neighbors in need.  Unbelievable!  FBR is honored and humbled to be a part of such an outstanding community effort.  We can’t thank 9NEWS and their generous patrons for helping fight hunger and feed hope for Coloradans in need.







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Child eating lunch


Join us this Hunger Action Day on September 15 and have your gift TRIPLE matched for 3X the impact.

Join us September 15 for Hunger Action Day to make 3X the impact.

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