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Top Ways To Donate Money To Food Banks This Holiday Season

The holidays will look a little different for most of us this year, with fewer opportunities to gather in-person with loved ones. But one thing that remains the same is the joy that comes from spreading holiday cheer. This year, with more people facing food insecurity due to the pandemic, your community needs your support and donating money to your local food bank is more important than ever.

A volunteer cuts pie in Food Bank Rockies' kitchen. Donating money to food banks supports fresh meal preparations like this.
A Food Bank of the Rockies’ volunteer cuts pie in our kitchen as part of a holiday meal distribution. Donating money to food banks allows us to prepare fresh meals like this. Photo by Caitlyn Barnett / Food Bank of the Rockies

How can you help people facing food insecurity? Donate money to a food bank.

With as little as $1, we can provide four meals to people across much of Colorado and all of Wyoming. During COVID-19, financial gifts are safer and easier to manage than food donations from private individuals because we don’t have the volunteer capacity and means necessary to store, sanitize, and repackage food. Instead, we hope you’ll consider these meaningful ways to do good in your community and ensure that all of us have enough to eat throughout the holidays and during the pandemic*. When you donate money to a food bank, your dollar simply goes further.

  1. Increase Your Impact on Colorado Gives Day

Colorado Gives Day is an annual statewide movement to celebrate and increase philanthropy in Colorado through online giving. Donating money to our food bank on Colorado Gives Day multiplies your gift, helping us feed even more families. Schedule your donation today or give on December 8.

  1. Give the Gift of Hope

A donation to honor a relative, friend, customer, or colleague makes a great holiday present.

Make a donation in their name to say thank you and show how much you care. You can also donate money to our food bank in memory of someone. Our website makes it easy to send an e-card to notify the recipient (or their loved one) of your gift in their honor or memory.

  1. Create a Virtual Holiday Food Drive

Since we are unable to accept non-perishable food and essentials at this time, a virtual food drive is a great alternative to a traditional one. Plus, your financial gift goes much further, because we’re able to buy food at wholesale or lower costs. Make it a group-bonding activity! Ask loved ones, friends, and coworkers to join you. Create a contest and see who can raise the most. It’s effective, secure, and convenient to create a virtual food drive on our website!

  1. Make it Monthly

Please consider making a recurring donation each month. Reliable support helps us plan throughout the year and deepens your impact in the community. Check the box to make this a monthly gift and enjoy knowing that you’re making a difference all year long.

  1. Give Smart

Gifts of appreciated securities or qualified charitable distributions from your retirement account can be tax-smart ways to support your favorite charities. When you give a gift of stock you avoid capital gains taxes; contact your broker to facilitate an electronic transfer. If you’re 70 ½ or older, you can donate up to $100,000 directly from a taxable IRA instead of taking your required minimum distribution; contact your plan administrator to facilitate the gift. Please notify us when you initiate a stock transfer or an IRA gift so we can record and acknowledge your donation. You can reach us via phone at 877-460-8504 or via email at info@foodbankrockies.org.

  1. Leave a Legacy of Good

Looking for another way to give back? Remember us in your will or as a beneficiary on an account and leave a legacy that will last for generations. Your gift can be made as a percentage of your estate, or you can make a specific bequest by giving a certain amount of cash, securities, or property. After your lifetime, Food Bank of the Rockies will receive your gift. Learn more about the benefits of making a charitable bequest.

  1. Volunteer Your Time

If means are limited this year and you’re unable to donate money to our food bank, consider volunteering with us. With the increased need for food in the community, your support is invaluable. We need individuals and groups to help us provide food to people facing food insecurity. We have increased safety measures to protect our volunteers and are limiting volunteer numbers during shifts. Volunteers will be split into small work teams throughout the warehouse to increase social distancing. Learn more about safety measures for volunteers during the pandemic, and sign up today.

  1. Target Your Gift

Support neighbors on the Front Range, on the Western Slope (and mountain communities), or in Wyoming who may have been hard hit by the pandemic.

Here at Food Bank of the Rockies, the holidays are about gratitude, and we could not be more grateful for your support. Thank you for nourishing our community and ensuring everyone has access to nutritious food for themselves and their loved ones. We could not do this work without you.

Volunteer pouring gravy onto dozens of holiday meals prepared in Food Bank of the Rockies' kitchen. Donating money to food banks supports programs like this.
A volunteer pours gravy onto dozens of holiday meals prepared in Food Bank of the Rockies’ kitchen. Photo by Caitlyn Barnett / Food Bank of the Rockies

* Per the CARES Act, the Federal government allows for cash contributions to qualified charities such as ours to be deducted up to 100% of your adjusted gross income for the 2020 calendar year, for those who itemize. The new law allows all taxpayers to take a charitable deduction of up to $300, even if you do not itemize. As always, please consult with your CPA or tax advisor before making any major decisions regarding your charitable giving.


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