#23, a Lovely Lady & Hunger All Star

Kathie J, Morning Show Host on KS 107.5
“Before KS1075 started partnering with Food Bank of the Rockies for the KS 1074 food drive, I had no idea how many children and adults Food Bank of the Rockies feeds.  I don’t think most people are aware that churches, schools and other food pantries rely on Food Bank of the Rockies for their own supplies to give to people in need.  I’m honored to be on the Celebrity Council because I want everyone to be aware of the issue of hunger in our communities and how easy it is to help.”
About Kathie J:
Kathie J is co-host, along with Larry Ulibarri and Kendall B, on Denver’s #1 morning show, the KS1075 Morning Show. The show has aired for over a decade and has been consistently ranked #1 in the station’s target demographic.  Kathie J grew up on Thornton and had an early passion for volunteering. She was active in Girl Scouts and Student Council throughout her school years. In college, she was a Domestic Violence Ambassador for the El Paso Courts. She has also volunteered weekly at local Denver area animal shelters for over 10 years. Her relationship with Food Bank of the Rockies began with the yearly KS1075 Food Drive for Food Bank of the Rockies.


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