1st Ever Oil & Gas Grand Prix

A staggering one out of eight of our Colorado neighbors struggle to put food on the table.  The Oil and Gas industry has come together to fight hunger and feed hope through FBR.  As a result of this newly formed initiative, 23 oil and gas companies joined forces for the inaugural Oil and Gas Grant Prix, benefiting FBR.  130 racers and their loyal supporters met at The Track at Centennial on September 18th for a day of healthy competition.  This first time event was an enormous success.  With 130 drivers participating, over $10,000 was raised to fight hunger in Colorado. 

Our top dog racers for the day were Damon Anderson, Josh Pinkert, Paul Majors & Keith Davidson.  Special thanks to the following companies who made this day a gigantic success!
Whiting Petroleum, Shell Lubricants, Encana, SM Energy, Sanjel, Pioneer Exploration, Colorado Oil and Gas Association, Baker Petroleum, Cummins Engines, Williams Energy, Noble Energy, El Paso E&G, Pure Energy, Suncor, Weatherford, Anchor Drilling Fluids, Gustavson Assoc., Fidelity Exploration, Enserca, Cal Frac, Berry Petroleum, Cearus/Blackstone, Questar, Mark J Energy & Team Petroleum


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